** Local stores in and around the Tampa Bay area that carry an adequate assortment of art materials: Michael’s, Walmart, Central Art Supply (St. Pete). Online: check out Dick Blick, Cheap Joes, Dakota Pastels.

Materials List

Pastels—Working Outdoors

Portable Field Easel—French or otherwise (optional). If you don’t have a field easel, you will want to bring a folding canvas chair or stool or something similar for working outdoors in a seated position with the drawing support resting on your lap.

A drawing support is necessary for mounting your art paper onto, whether you are standing at an easel or seated. I recommend a sheet of foam-core board in an approx size of 12x15” or somewhat larger, up to 15x15.” In any event, your drawing support should always be larger than the paper size you intend to use. Other adequate surfaces are Plexiglas, masonite, or the Field Sketch Board sold in some art supply stores.

Lightweight folding chair or canvas stool Folding TV table or inverted crate for holding your painting supplies Old towel, cloth, or apron to put on your lap under the drawing support if you are seated. Sun visor, bug spray, comfortable shoes and clothes. Camera (optional) for recording reference photos. Soft lead pencil for sketching (4B to 9B range), Small sketch pad no larger than 8x10 (spiral bound is good) Kneaded eraser, Pencil sharpener, Masking tape, Paper towel and/or Handiwipes Drinking water

Paints—An adequate assortment of pastels in any brand you are accustomed to using, in a range of colors and values—enough dark, mid, and light values. My outdoor field box is a scaled-down version of what I normally paint with indoors. (If you need to purchase pastels, I can advise you. Many companies offer sets with colors just for painting landscapes.) Brands I recommend: NuPastel, Sennelier, Unison, Mount Vision, Great American, Rembrandt.

For the color studies outdoors: Canson Mi Tientes Pastel Paper either in a 9x12” pad of Assorted Colors (24 sheets) or 4 full sheets of Canson paper, Moonstone #426. Cut the full sheets into smaller individual sheets approx 9x12”—enough for 12 to 18 separate color studies. If you want to select other colors of individual sheets of Canson, just be sure they are within a mid-value color range.

For the finished paintings indoors: I use Uart sanded paper and sometimes Wallis Professional in white which can be toned or underpainted before using. Wallis also comes in a Belgian Mist color which you can try. If you have a favorite paper or board for pastel painting that you are accustomed to using, by all means bring that. The size of the paper is important. We will be aiming to complete atleast 2 finished paintings. The recommended size is 9x12” and/or no bigger than 12x16”. Some online art supply stores sell a pad of Wallis paper in 9x12 or 12x18 sizes. Otherwise, you will have to purchase it by the sheet which usually comes in 18x24 or 24x36 and then cut it into smaller 9x12” sheets. Other surfaces you might want to try include Art Spectrum, or La Carte by Sennelier. _______________________________________________________________________

Materials List

Watercolors, Colored Pencil, Graphite—Working Outdoors

You may opt to follow the materials suggestions listed above for pastel students, omitting the specific pastels and papers mentioned and substituting your usual art materials. Equipment recommendations are also a practical guideline for these mediums, so base your choices on what works best for you. Additional necessities might include:

Paints Brushes Pencils Papers—Cut into smaller sizes for outdoor studies Painting Support Sketch Pad Paper Towels Water __________________________________________________________________________

Materials List

Oils, Acrylics—Working Outdoors

The option to use a field easel is entirely up to the student, however, when painting outdoors with oils or acrylics it is more practical to use an easel. Materials recommended for all other media listed above may apply as well and can be used as a guideline. Additional necessities might include:

Paints Brushes Palette Mediums Canvas, boards, or panels—enough for many smaller-format studies Sketch pad-pencils Paper Towels Water