BASIC DRAWING 409 (Night)--Instructor Joe Weinzettle,

This six-week course will introduce beginning and intermediate level students to the practices of studio and plein-air (outdoors) drawing. Techniques include two weeks in charcoal, two weeks in graphite, and two weeks in bamboo brush and ink. Lessons will include chiaroscuro (light and shadow), proportion, volume, negative space and depth of field. We will meet and work in the studio with some lessons outdoors on DFAC grounds, weather permitting.

Schedule/Class meets Tuesday nights 6:30-9:30pm

Clean-up begins by 9:15pm

Week 1: charcoal

Week 2: charcoal

Week 3: graphite

Week 4: graphite

Week 5: bamboo brush and ink

Week 6: bamboo brush and ink

Supply List

18" x 24" Medium Wt. (70-90lb press) Drawing Paper Pad

Box of Medium Vine Charcoal

Two Ebony Graphite Pencils (Prismacolor Design)

Bottle of India Drawing Ink (Higgins)

#6 Winsor Newton Bamboo Brush


clipboard large enough for 18x24" paper pad

spray fixative (for home use only)

utility or exacto knife

plastic water containers

several sheets of 18x24" newsprint


for plein-air lessions: long pants, closed-toe shoes, hat