You can purchase your materials anywhere you wish, however I suggest Blick Art Materials and Jerry’s Artarama. Both have excellent stock and you can order online, usually with free shipping. Blick has a brick and mortar store in Tampa on Westshore Dr. I suggest specific brands because I have used them in my other courses with good results, but you may purchase what you wish.


In this course, DFAC provides the plexiglass plates and oil inks.



Purchase both


A portion of your course fee will be used to purchase high quality paper for final prints.



You will need old oil paint brushes if you have them, as many different profiles and bristle types as you have. If not, you can buy Blick essentials Craft Value Brush set for about $13. It includes a wide variety of bristle types, so you can really experiment with mark making.



DFAC provides solvent for general clean up but you might want to use solvents when applying ink to the plexiglass plate. You MUST use odorless mineral spirits (OMS) such as Weber Turpenoid or Gamblin Gamsol. You will use this to clean your brushes as well.



A metal ruler, pencil, eraser

Scissors or X-acto knife

Misting spray bottle


I also suggest you bring any soft material like old jersey t-shirt to cut up for wiping technique,

Q-tips, toothpicks, and anything else for mark-making.