Materials list:

• 6 Canvases 11x14 or 12x16 or canvas pad, and 6 small 5x7 canvases
• Oil or acrylic paints: primary colors; red, yellow, blue plus black and white-Actual colors: cadmium red med., cadmium yellow light and medium, cereleun blue and ultramarine blue, plus alizarin crimson, raw umber
• Assortment of Brushes; flats ½”, 1” and 2”, rounds 6&8 and small (00), palette knife, liner, angle brush, fan brush any sizes.
• Sketch book, charcoal and pencil

You can order curbside delivery from Michael’s or delivery from Jerry’s Artarama and get all your materials for around $75 or less. Please don’t purchase expensive materials, use what you have.

Class will be on easels in a studio with controlled lighting and simple subjects. You will be painting and drawing from direct observation. You can choose to stand or sit during painting. Class starts with examples of old master’s works in the same topic, then a demonstration by instructor, and individual attention while you paint from direct observation. Some classes will be all studies, some will be working on a single painting.