You should have all of the colors in the Utrect Oil Color Theory set of paints (Titanium white, ivory black, zinc yellow hue, quinacridone red, phthalo blue). The additional paints on the list can be any brand you wish.

The Utrect Manglon set of 4 brushes is an inexpensive soft sable-like brush. The Princeton SNAP is a medium bristle that holds its shape well.


Basic tools and colors you should already have
Utrect oil color theory set of paints (or equivalent colors in individual tubes)
Utrect Manglon brushes set of 4 (or similar soft bristle brush)
Gamblin Gamsol solvent, 16 oz
Blick 12x16” disposable palette pad, 50 sheets
Masterson palette box with seal tight lid, 12x16”
Qty 2 - 2 oz glass jar with metal screw on lid
RGM Palette knife style 50 (5/8” x 2-7/8”)

Supports and additional colors and tools for intermediate level
Ampersand gessoboard, 8x8”
Blick Studio canvas panel, 8x10”
Blick Studio canvas panel or Ampersand gessoboard, 16x20”
Quinacridone magenta (any brand, prices vary, 2 oz tubes circa)
Ultramarine blue (or French ultramarine)
Cadmium red medium
Cadmium yellow light
Alizarin crimson
Princeton SNAP series 9800 white soft synthetic brush set (set of 6) or the equivalent (or 8 round, 8 flat, 8 filbert, 8 bright and 10 angle – the 4 fan is optional)

Other tools and materials
18” ruler
Wooden pencil and an eraser
A notebook for taking notes or making sketches

If you have other brushes, paints, tools or canvases in addition to what I have listed here please feel free to bring them to class.

The additional materials fee will cover: my oil paints made available to you, transfer paper and paints for staining the canvases.