1.) Bring bring an apron! This is a messy class. Your shoes & clothing have real potential to get permanent ink and other stains.
2.) Bring a personal dust or Covid mask to wear around the rosin box.
3.) Pad of tracing paper no larger than 11" x14". Tracing vellum is best.
4.) Drawing pencil and eraser
5.) Ballpoint pen. Doesn’t even have to have ink.
6.) I you have a steel etching stylus, please bring one, but I’ll have enough to loan out.??
Nice to bring if you have them, but not at all required: 12" steel ruler, triangle, Saral graphite paper, masking tape. I have these items to share.
IMPORTANT! To make your first, in-class experience more productive, please bring at least one 4” x 6” line pencil sketch with you to class for your first plate's image, if possible.
For inspiration, if unfamiliar with etching, look at any favorite pen and ink drawings in a style and subject matter you enjoy.