Bring bring an apron! This is a messy class. Your shoes & clothing have real potential to get permanent ink and other stains. We use oil based inks and minimal amounts of odorless mineral spirits in our cleanup for those with a sensitivity. Most of our cleanup is done with vegetable oil and Simple Green.

Disposable gloves for handling ink and dust masks for rosin are offered and encouraged.
Pad of tracing paper. (Saral graphite transfer paper is a plus.)
White artist tape or low-tack masking tape.
Drawing pencil and eraser
Ballpoint pen. Doesn’t even have to have ink.
OPTIONAL ITEM: $10. Steel etching stylus (if you don’t have one, or want to invest in one until you are sure, I’ll have some to share.
To make your first, in-class experience more productive, please bring at least one 4” x 5" line pencil sketch with you to class for your first plate's image, if possible. For inspiration, if unfamiliar with etching, look at any favorite pen and ink drawings in a style and subject matter you enjoy.
Your first 4”x5” plate is provided in your material fee — please register early so we can order the necessary plates. Additional plates will be available for sale from DFAC. We'll discuss technique, paper, ink and ink modifiers in depth.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Thanks! — Holly Bird 727-488-8291