Bring bring an apron! This is a messy class. Your shoes & clothing have real potential to get permanent ink and other stains.
1.) If you already have any Speedball (or other, more professional) carving tools; please bring them. But I will have kits to lend everyone. See below.
2.) Bring an X-Acto knife; a retractable pen version would be best, if you can find one.
3.) Pad of tracing paper; need not be larger than 8”x10” 4.) Pencil and eraser
Colored pencils or markers of any type to color in your comps would be helpful.
I will be lending Flexcut carving tool kits with a honing jig to each student; no need to purchase expensive tools before class. Each student will be given an 8"x10" block of unmounted “battleship gray” linoleum (which can be cut into smaller blocks) to begin with, with the option of purchasing more from DFAC.