484W- Color Mixing Made Easy

Instructor: Melissa Miller Nece






Materials List for Color Mixing Made Easy with Melissa Miller Nece

Choose which medium you prefer – you don’t need them all!

For the $10 materials fee, you will receive a practice palette and pre-printed exercise sheets.


For oil, acrylic or watercolors, these are the recommended colors:

            Quinacridone “Acra” violet or red or napthol crimson (Alizarine crimson OK if you have it)

Cadmium red light or medium     

Cadmium yellow light or medium

Hansa yellow light

Raw sienna and/or Yellow ochre or yellow oxide

Ultramarine blue

Phthalocyanine blue or cerulean blue (not hue)

Burnt sienna

Burnt umber

Titanium white              

Optional: Phthalo green or viridian green


            Note that Black and Payne’s Gray are NOT listed!


For colored pencil or pastel, a basic set should include colors similar to those listed above.

The equivalent Prismacolor pencils would be:

White                            Sunburst yellow

Magenta                         Canary yellow

Poppy (scarlet) red         Yellow ochre

Ultramarine blue             Sienna brown

Indigo blue                     Dark umber

Also bring: True Blue, Dark green, Grass green, Tuscan red


Inexpensive painting or drawing surface:

May use canvas paper for oil or acrylic; watercolor paper, cold press illustration board or regular surface bristol for water-based and dry media. Have 2-3 pieces (about 11 x 14") for mixing practice, and one piece that may be used for a simple color painting or drawing.

Also, for all wet media:

Palette for paints (palette sheet pad is fine for oil or acrylic)

Brushes: One or two flats or brights, one round with a good point, medium sizes

Water container or Solvent:

Container for water or (for oils only) sealable jar of odorless mineral spirits.

Rags or paper towels


For colored pencils:

Pencil sharpener and Faber-Castell Perfection eraser (pencil-type eraser for typing or ink)


For Pastels (optional):

chamois and/or blending stump.