201–Real Jewelry Real Easy

Instructor: Susan H. Maxon




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Susan H. Maxon; 736-1990

Class type:     Jewelry construction in sterling silver with semi-precious stones.


Level:  Basic/beginner:  no experience required.


Objectives:     Students will learn to saw, form, file, solder, and polish sterling silver. They will set a cabochon stone correctly. Students will create

1) a ring with a bezel set cabochon,

2) a wire brooch (with or without stone)

3) a pendant with a cabochon or faceted stone set in a  mounting appropriate to the design and attained skill level of the student.


Goals: Students will attain an increased awareness of the importance of good craftsmanship in the creation of fine silver jewelry and be able to recognize and appraise same in the art market. Students will understand the significance of the difference between “production” jewelry and “hand-crafted” jewelry.  Hopefully, students will apply knowledge learned from this class         experience to aide them in making informed aesthetic choices related to handmade jewelry.


Method of instruction: Demonstration of technique by instructor Guided practice to gain technical skill One-on-one consultation as needed Individual design stressed within limits of technique; there will be no clones of the teacher’s work     All necessary skills to be needed will be taught in the first project          Projects are designed to take advantage of learning from the known to the unknown Good craftsmanship will be stressed            Safety in technique and equipment use will be stressed


Materials: Instructor has student quality supplies and equipment Silver and stones will be purchased from the instructor when ready to begin each project                      Approximate cost of projects is: Ring  $25 (includes stone)                                                                                         Brooch $15 (+ stone; $5 up)                                                                                                Pendant $15 (+ stone; $5 up)


Students are asked to provide their own safety glasses and aprons.  Students are asked to please consult the instructor before using any personal tools, materials, stones, etc. in the class.