Lorraine Potocki


Instructor: Potocki, Lorraine

Day of Week: Tues 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Levels: Intermediate

Location: Dunedin Fine Art Center

Member Tuition: $185.00

Non-Member: $215.00

This is an Intermediate class for those who have worked with pastels for a while and are familiar with drawing, the elements of composition, how and when to use hard and soft pastels, and underpainting. Students will work from their own photo references and perfecting the techniques of simplifying, establishing the focal point, and using only the pastels and marks that are needed to tell the story. Each class will begin with black and white sketches from your photos before you begin your painting. By doing so, you'll be identifying what is most important in the photo, leaving out more than you include. Demonstrations will cover different subjects and techniques including how to resolve issues with your paintings in progress. We'll also discuss why the photo you took made you want to paint it. . .the emotional connection. Lots of individualized instruction. Lots of critique along the way to guide your painting from its "goodness" to its "greatness." Ages 17 and up.

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