W-PA301 - What Takes Your Breath Away? An Advanced Pastel Workshop

W-PA301 - What Takes Your Breath Away? An Advanced Pastel Workshop
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Skill Levels: Advanced

You know it when you see it. Instantly! That one particular pastel painting that stops you in your place. Maybe it's a simple subject painted in an unusual way. Or, maybe the lighting is so soft and beautiful. Or, the emotion is so strong and powerful.

In this advanced pastel workshop we'll see examples of some breathtaking paintings and break down the reasons why they succeeded. We'll be doing exercises to remind you of all the basics you already know--composition, shapes, values, line, soft and hard edges, simplifying, focal point, and the use of complements and neutrals.

You'll be asked to bring in your own photo references, those that are special to you, a story you need to tell. Through a variety of preliminary sketches you'll select the one that works the best in preparation for beginning your painting. And, you'll be encouraged to work from those sketches more than from the photo.

There will be lots of individualized instruction and critiques along the way all in search of that painting that answers the question: "What takes your breath away?" You'll know when it happens.  

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