W-CG104 - Stately Romans I: Pencil Caps

W-CG104 - Stately Romans I: Pencil Caps
Member Tuition: $50.00  
Non-Member: $65.00  

Skill Levels: All Levels

The classic shapes of Roman letters and the longevity of Imperial Rome are alive today in our many Roman type fonts. These letters are timeless, stately and beautiful when drawn with pencil. We’ll work on various papers and surfaces.
This workshop is part 1 of a 3-part series, and each workshop has its own simple set of writing tools, so check the separate supply lists for what to bring. Students will get the most lasting benefit by signing up for all three workshops.

Part 1. Pencil Roman Caps
Part 2. Broad Pen Roman Caps
Part 3. Brush-made Roman Caps 

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