YH502a - VR Painting for Kids- NEW

YH502a - VR Painting for Kids- NEW
Member Tuition: $45.00  
Non-Member: $65.00  
Lab Fee:   $10.00  

Skill Levels: All Levels

Explore the exciting world of Virtual Reality! In this class students will draw their favorite animal, dinosaur, flower or character, then paint it with traditional 2D materials. After painting, students will then construct a 3D wire model of their subject. Finally, students will use headsets, laptops and controllers to bring their subject to life in the Virtual Reality world. Bring a USB drive to save your final digital work of art. Ages 8 - 10 

Available Schedules:
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09/12/22 - 10/03/22
Fall I 
Dunedin Fine Art Center
1143 Michigan Blvd., Dunedin, FL
Mon   [4:00 pm - 5:00 pm]
Instructor: Still, Todd

Note: Note: This is a 4 week class. Please check dfac.org for current covid protocols.