PT101 - Classical Training for Artists (Evening)

PT101 - Classical Training for Artists (Evening)
Member Tuition: $185.00  
Non-Member: $215.00  

Skill Levels: Beginner

Learn the same way the Old Masters learned, and how they taught their apprentices. Students will start with basic composition skills by working from direct observation. Draw your subject, then paint it. Learn traditional skills like sight-size drawing, color mixing and color theory, color temperatures and values, and study how light falls on objects and people. This class is progressive, starting with basics like shape and form, then brush skills and exercises to learn the purpose of different brushes, and working from limited palette, and grisaille (painting in shades of gray). Practice tonality by painting shapes and blocks then translating that to complex shapes like seashells and still life. Work from Caravaggio’s values and chiaroscuro painting, Rembrandt’s edges and forms, Sorolla’s color temperature, and DaVinci’s proportions. Perfect class for a motivated beginner who wants to learn the skills to paint and develop their own style. Students will be working on easels in this class.
Ages 17 and up. 

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02/26/24 - 04/01/24
Winter II 
Dunedin Fine Art Center
1143 Michigan Blvd., Dunedin, FL
Mon   [6:00 pm - 9:00 pm]
Instructor: Joyce, Shawn Dell

Note: Class will be on easels in a studio with controlled lighting and simple subjects. You will be painting and drawing from direct observation. You can choose to stand or sit during painting. Class starts with examples of old master’s works in the same topic, then a demonstration by instructor, and individual attention while you paint from direct observation.