W-JW143 - Surface and Metal Textures Workshop

W-JW143 - Surface and Metal Textures Workshop
Member Tuition: $345.00  
Non-Member: $375.00  

Skill Levels: Intermediate,Advanced

Techniques for Reticulating, Fusing, Dusting and Granulation, Casting, Hammering and Roller Printing.

There are SO many ways to create wonderful textures on silver! There are numerous techniques one can apply to add texture to metal. With the use of a torch, one can create magic! Fusing, dusting and reticulation creates beautiful and interesting textures on metal. But let's not stop there!
In this workshop, learn how to better control and manipulate the process of reticulation to create unique and beautiful patterns. Then learn how to fuse precious metals - from larger pieces to granulation and tiny precious metal dust. You'll explore primitive forms of casting to create beautiful one-of-a-kind textured pieces to use your jewelry masterpieces. Charcoal, cuttlebone, broomstick and water will all be explored. Proper application of the rolling mill can further enhance your designs to create unique surface textures to take your designs to the next level!
Students must be comfortable with a torch. There is a $25 materials fee paid to the instructor. 

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