W-BA102 - ETSY Part 2: The Next Step

W-BA102 - ETSY Part 2: The Next Step
Member Tuition: $45.00  
Non-Member: $65.00  

Skill Levels: All Levels

This workshop is designed to demonstrate and utilize the ETSY philosophy to your fullest advantage. Together we will share and refine each others store fronts to increase circulation and SALES! Eleanor is a trained teacher for ETSY Craft entrepreneurs program and has been teaching this class for the past three years in Clearwater Florida and it continues to expand! This class is designed to assist ETSY sellers on:
-Perfecting their descriptions
-Enhance product photography and explore creative photography ideas
-Explore more successful tags and keywords
-Learn how to use your ETSY stats to their full potential.
-How to take to take full advantage of the ETSY philosophy in your shop. 

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