DR109 - Sketchbook Series, IV

DR109 - Sketchbook Series, IV
Member Tuition: $185.00  
Non-Member: $215.00  

Skill Levels: All Levels

The science of observation, the Sketchbook. This class relies on your ability to understand form and how to translate to paper. Beginning with simple drawing techniques, you will learn to build your sketch from light to dark. Learn to measure quickly for accuracy and lay down angles fast. Start loose, find your focus and build a wonderful sketch. Also the use of note taking is encouraged. Your personal sketchbook is yours to develop and fill it with fun points of interest. Each page is uniquely designed. The same tips and practices we use are the same practices used when rendering a master illustration or painting. The course will begin at the Art Center and the following 5 remaining classes are Dunedin adventure. The end product will be a sketchbook that you will be able to take out on the field or on your world travels. The better you are at sketching the better artist you will become.  

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Available Schedules:
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10/30/24 - 12/11/24
Fall II 
Dunedin Fine Art Center
1143 Michigan Blvd., Dunedin, FL
Wed   [9:00 am - 12:00 pm]
Instructor: Parker, Bill