W-DR302 - Process: Drawing & Writing

W-DR302 - Process: Drawing & Writing
Member Tuition: $75.00  
Non-Member: $105.00  

Skill Levels: All Levels

Guest Artist: William Schaaf

The aim of this workshop is developing a steady, confident drawing hand, trusting instincts and a sure eye for perceiving without and within. We will focus on processes that open positive pathways for mindfulness and awareness towards a healthier creative life, such as integrating mixed-media, using drawing and writing as comfortable concepts, collage, visual dictionaries, collaborative efforts, ‘medicine art’ and journal practice for personal use. *Blank books provided. Maximum 12 students.

Participants should bring whatever tools they use that they have on hand. Watercolors, inks, favored brushes, oil pastels, crayons, colored and black ball point pens, white glues, rubber cements for collages, scotch tapes, newsprint papers, papers of different sizes and qualities, on-going sketchbooks already in progress, and of course, the kitchen sink. *Acrylic paint is fine, but no oils please as they do not readily dry—nor spray paint because of its toxicity in the classroom setting.  

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