Adult Workshops | Stone Carving


1/15/22 - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Oberg, Eric

This course will advance the experienced as well as the novice in stone carving. The approach to sculpted form is direct, controlled, rapid, natural, and self-assured. There will be special attention to methods of working from photos and models. An introduction to pneumatic tools and hand-held diamond saws is offered and their use encouraged. An array of tools will be available for students to use. The manner of using these tools safely and comfortably is one of the goals of this course.
Please register early if you will need the instructors assistance to order a stone.

Levels: Intermediate,Advanced

Location: Industrial Arts Campus - 958 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin FL

Lab Fee:   $15.00

Member Tuition: $167.00

Non-Member: $197.00