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W-PR110 - Your Signature: The Chinese Chop Way

Instructor: Bird, Holly

Day of Week: Sat 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Skill Levels: All Levels

Location: Dunedin Fine Art Center

Member Tuition: $60.00

Non-Member: $80.00

With Holly Bird and Gail Gamble. Sign your artwork in a distinctive and creative way! In China, the chop has the same weight and authority as a signature does in Western culture. The use of a chop, or seal, started thousands of years ago and continues to this day. In this one-day workshop, you’ll design your own image and carve it into a soapstone blank. Any image or text: traditional, Western or your own design can be used. By the end of the workshop your chop will be ready for use. You will receive a Chop Carving Kit with 2 chops and all the materials you will need to proceed on your own. Additional blanks will be available for purchase.

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W-PR201 - Intro to Zine Making

Instructor: Damme, Coralette

Day of Week: Sat 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Skill Levels: All Levels

Location: Dunedin Fine Art Center

Member Tuition: $40.00

Non-Member: $50.00

Zines are typically small self published works that are reproduced on copy machines and traded between creators. Come make your first (or your fiftieth) zine in this fun introductory workshop! You don't have to be a professional cartoonist to draw a zine--your zine can be more about text or collage than drawing if you prefer. Zines can be funny, poetic, newsy, about a hobby, or whatever you want to express! You'll learn to fold a small 8 page "mini-zine" made from a single sheet of paper. After you've created your zine we'll copy them and trade among members of the class so you'll go home with a great start to a new zine collection of your very own!

Your instructor, Coralette, has participated in numerous "zine-fests" in both Tampa and St. Petersburg and is addicted to collecting and trading these treasures!

There is a $10 supply fee payable to the instructor

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