Eco Print Supply list – 3 day intensive

Kathy Hays may be reached at if there are supply questions.

5- 6 wooden dowels that are 1” in diameter and 10” long.

1 wooden dowel that is 14” long and 1 ½” in diameter.  A PVC pipe cut to this size works well.

A ball of twine or heavy cotton string to wrap bundles.  This needs to be strong enough that you can’t break it when pulling tightly.  Butcher string works very well

2 rectangular containers to soak leaves and also hold your iron water solution.  Shoe box size from a Dollar Store work well or plastic dish pan.

2-3 Hand towels, old studio towels work well.

Spray bottle to hold vinegar water.  6 -10 ounces is a good size.

Microwaveable clear wrap.  The type with a zipper cutting edge is good.  ( no Press N Seal please)

Two empty laundry soap containers.  The larger 64 ounce size or 2 one gallon sized milk jugs work very well. (if flying, please contact Kathy to bring)

1  large plastic lawn bag

Notebook with  pen or pencil for note taking

Rubber gloves like for household cleaning (thin exam gloves will be provided)

Scissors to cut fabric and paper (two types)

Digital camera to record your layout and compare with results.

Fabric: Purchase from

Purchase at more than one yard so that you can carry out more work at home. Please launder fabrics with neutral ph soap before arriving. Synthrapol works well.   Wool fabrics should be air dryed and not in a dryer.

Silk Habotai, 4-8 mm   1- 2 yards

Raw Silk (Noil) This is the best to make clothing and there are a lot of successes with this fabric.  Several yards to have on hand.

Silk Habotai or Crepe De Chine scarves.  We will print a scarf at least two - 8mm to 12mm

Wool Fabrics  - These can also be purchased at Dharma Trading.  The supply changes frequently, but this is a nice wool twill.  If you search online and find another source, by all means buy.

This is a silk wool blend that is thin and light weight.  The stock for this item changes frequently.

This fabric makes very nice swing vest or skirts.

Thrift store shirt.

Find a top or shirt that is silk or wool found in a thrift store.  Look for a very light colored silk or wool shirt.  The shirt or top should be short sleeve or sleeveless.  This process is to teach this technique and large items can be made at home.  If you want to make a simple silk top from silk noil, this is quite acceptable.  Just sew shoulder seems together and you will complete the garment after the workshop.  The clothing and fabric should also be laundered with a ph neutral solution before class.